Pro Bouncer


Pro Bouncer


The Pro Bouncer is an aluminum bouncer of one meter long with an oblique angle in it. Due to the oblique angle in the Pro Bouncer you can use it for a low rebound, just like the Classic Bouncer, but when you turn the Pro Bouncer the oblique angle is activated so that the ball does not come back low over the ground, but high trough the sky! The Pro Bouncer is therefore multifunctional and ideal for training your high receive! The Pro Bouncer can be used during warm-up, technical training, tactical training and ideal for goalkeeper training. In addition, the Pro Bouncer is easy to move thanks to the handle on the back.

Product specifications

use or application: Hockey

weight: 7.5 Kg

Material: Aluminum

Dimensions (lxWxH): 100 x 20 x 20

Color blue

Linkable: yes *

!pay attention! * if you plan to link the Pro Bouncer to the Classic Bouncer, a hop-up element will have to be purchased.

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